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Kate Ware Introduces the 'Earth Now' Exhibition

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Big Blue Marble

Perhaps one of the most powerful environmental photographs ever taken is a gorgeous color view of earth from space, captured on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft during its man. . .

Ansel Adams’ and Eliot Porter’s landscape photography fueled a growing concern for the environment in this country. Their idealized, unpopulated landscapes set the standard for twentieth-century nature photography. Earth Now begins with a suite of works by these two artists and moves on to a group of landscape photographers who came of age in the 1970s.

The exhibition’s primary concentration is on work made after the millennium. The pictures stimulate visitors to think about their personal relationship to the environment and to consider the impact of the choices we make as a society and as individuals. The second section of the exhibition presents several emerging artists, while others are more established artists doing new bodies of work, some of which have never been exhibited.

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