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Brook Reynolds
From the series Light, Sweet, Crude
Pigment print
20 x 20 inches
Courtesy of the artist
© Brook Reynolds

In this view of an abandoned gas station, Brook Reynolds hints that the ultimate fate of these structures is demolition by foliage, as the plant world eventually invades and transforms all. In place of a pump, we see behind it a robust and flourishing tree and the more aggressive elements of the thicket around it begin to advance on any unoccupied place. Our structures of concrete and steel are no match for the weeds and fast-growing non-native species such as kudzu and wisteria that quickly repossess a vacant site. “Nature will renew itself as long as we give it a chance to heal,” says the artist in her statement about this series, “and we can be part of that healing process by searching for ways to live in harmony with the environment.”