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Stack – Chicago

Brad Temkin
Stack – Chicago
From the series Rooftop
Pigment print
40 x 32 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Bulger Gallery
© Brad Temkin

Most commonly used building materials retain heat: concrete, steel, asphalt, and gravel. Green roofs are economical in providing insulation that lowers energy costs while simultaneously pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, with some water molecules, converting it to oxygen. And human beings, even those who work inside of these technological and engineering marvels, crave green space. Green roofs are a recent trend in urban design and significantly alter the thermodynamics of the buildings, reducing air conditioning and heating costs. In showcasing Chicago’s leadership in implementing this green initiative—accomplished with a wide range of partners that include researchers, businesses, and non-profit organizations—Brad Temkin points toward the possibility of a more sustainable future and celebrates what human ingenuity can create. “Rooftop addresses what we are doing to correct our folly and make up for our relentless need to expand,” the artist writes.