New Mexico Art Tells its History

Raton Pass, New Mexico

Raton Pass, New Mexico, 1982
Joan Myers (American, born 1944)
platinum-palladium print with hand coloring, 15 x 18 7/8 in. (38.1 x 47.9 cm)
New Mexico Photographic Survey Project, New Mexico Museum of Art, 1981-1984, funded by the National Endowment of the Arts, 1985

Joan Myers was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and had an early interest in the sciences and mathematics. At Stanford University, her concentration on Renaissance and baroque music performance led to a B.A in 1966 and a M.A. in musicology in 1967. In the early 1970's Myers turned to photography. She utilizes various digital methods, as well as the platinum-palladium process, and continues her exploration of hand-applied color. Her books on a large range of subjects have won numerous awards. Myers studio is near Santa Fe, New Mexico; she teaches workshops throughout the country.

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