New Mexico Art Tells its History


Ancestral Peoples

Cui Bono?Winnowing Grain, Taos, New MexicoInterior Courtyard of Pueblo, Santa Clara, New MexicoKoshare (Pueblo Indian)The Rocky MountainsUntitled - BlumenscheinPedernal with Red Hills (Red Hills with the Pedernal)Navajo MountainNew Mexico (Off Highway 66-Near Gallup) - WestonKin Nah Zin #223Kin Ketro, Chaco Canyon, New MexicoF117A Stealth Fighter - NagataniThe Rabbit HunterString The BowHunting BuffaloSpotted PlaymatesPrayer for the HuntThe Hungry HuntersAntlers, O'Keeffe's Portal - PorterTaos Pueblo - MoonlightZuni Planting SceneA Navajo CampNavajo Women Talking, GallupIndians Grinding CornNavajo Woman with Children at HoganApache HerdsmanMatching Small Pox Suits for All Indian Families After U.S. Gov’t Sent Wagon Loads of Smallpox Infested Blankets to Keep Our Families WarmJesus Rug, Navajo Nation (from the series Navajo Matriarchs)Pueblo PotteryThe War BonnetPortrait of Dieguito Roybal, San Ildefonso PuebloSquaws Weaving a BlanketGermantown Double Saddle Blanket,Jar with AvanyuDouble TakeLorencita Pino, Potter, Tesuque PuebloJulian and Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso PuebloYee Tah-leePreparing the Sand Painting - NavajoApache Puberty Ceremony - MescaleroHopi Snake Dance - BisttramThe Long Prayer at the Night Way Ceremony Pueblo Indian Deer DancersAncestral SpiritsThe StoicCorn CeremonyAntelope Dance - NordfeldtSnake Dance, Oraibi - ImhofThe Snake Dance of the Moqui IndiansTaos Pole ClimbingYeibichai IIIApache Devil DancerSnake Dancer - ScholderTesuque Pueblo Turtle DanceThe Man with the Hoe

Opening the West

Storm at La BajadaLa Bajada No. 2, July, 1976Full Moon, Jornada del Muerto near Eagle, New MexicoStreet View in Santa Fe, New Mexico - UnidentifiedDinnerware from the Santa Fe Super ChiefNavajo Women Talking, GallupHighway at DuskWork Train at WagonmoundDeming, 1981 - PlossuSunset, Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, New MexicoUntitled (Conquistadors & Native Americans)El SantoBorder CrossingTrinity Site, Jornada Del Muerto, New MexicoMusic in the Plaza - SloanThe Santa Fe Trail - HurdView of Santa Fe Plaza in the 1850's - CassidyTrading PostSanta Fe Hills - KrollChurch - Ranchos de TaosTrading Post #2Dance, Pueblo of Santa Clara, N.M.Interior of the Indian Building at the Alvarado HotelThe Indian-Detour and Optional Side TripsCustomized Motorcycle Untitled (Tourists) - NailorTrain on TrestleSection Gang, Iden, NMHill and Clouds - WestonWorld Court Motel, AlbuquerqueGallup, New Mexico - VestalHighway and Mesa - Gwyn

Growing New Mexico

Zuni Planting SceneApache HerdsmanBefore The RoundupSummer - BlumenscheinWater Tank - Van SoelenGold Miner at End of a Day's Work - Mogollon, NMKweo/Wolf Kachina United Nuclear Corporation Uranium TrailingThe Man with the Hoe, Moki PueblosShamrock RanchYates Petroleum Company - PeckTruchas RoadWatchtower Mural - KabotieSpring Plowing - BerninghausUntitled - BaumannHarvest - AdamsRavens - SchooleyFarmland - Triangle Harvest, Plains of San AugustinLlano San Juan, NMUntitled - WoodmanLast of the Herd - RussellCattle Country - GoffFarmland - Forked Lightning Ranch, PecosSpring Branding - Van SoelenWorking with the Wagon - Van SoelenElena Farr Tying CalfFarr Ranch BrandingRomance Makers - Van CleveWashburn Begay Bringing in His Sheep at NoonCordova, Rio Arriba County - CollierA Stone Hogan - GilpinUntitled - JungstedtMogollon, NMThe Miner - AdamsHobbs, NM - LeeScintillator Model IIIB - PrecisionOil Farm Non-Oil Farm Hobbs BeaconCow Pie/Yellow Cake; Uranium Mine Homestake Mining CompanyInterior of the Indian Building - HanceGermantown Double Saddle BlanketViva la Fiesta - TapiaPedernal with Red Hills (Red Hills with the Pedernal)Favorite Objects: Robot - BoltanskiNike-Hercules MissileHopi Nuclear MaidenUntitled (Landscape with Clouds) - CaponigroSam Shepard, Santa Fe, New MexicoPueblo BonitoMoonset - BelcherFavorite Objects: Space Suit - BoltanskiVery Large Array, near MagdalenaStar Axis, Looking North 1/6 - Ranney

People, Places, and Politics

On the River (From the River Light Blue)Sorting beans, Juan Lopez and son, Trampas, NMSketch for Spanish Dance Scene (Mural for Santa Fe Country Club)Rainbow, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Tesuque, NMFrontier SketchesChama River, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (Blue River)Beatrice Davis, Clovis, N.MGeronimo - Apache ChiefBlessing of the WoodmenFarm Folks at Dinner During All Day Community Sing - Pie Town, NM, 1940 Dick Mattox, Indian Trader & Guide, GallupOur Washerwoman's Family - New MexicoPlasteringMaria Martinez Baking Bread, Rio GrandeWoman Welder, Coal Blvd. and Interstate 25, AlbuquerqueGlen CanyonKiowa Apache YouthPlaza ShindigGretchin Sammis in Kitchen, Chase RanchHopi Pottery MakerLopez Family, Trampas, NMThe Village LamplighterSantiago NaranjoCowboys: Rancho La Rosita (from The Border Series)San Francisco PeaksAspen - Red RiverRio Grande GorgeRio GrandeTop of SandiaLincoln - MayhewUntitled (White Sands, New Mexico)Socorro Court HouseThe Long Walk of the NavajosApache Skull - HaozousWater - Chino Mine, Santa Rita, New Mexico Wells Fargo Stage CoachStage which Daily Brings the Mail - Pie Town, NMFood for Liberty - ColbyAmbrose Roanhorse with His Class at the Fort Wingate Vocational SchoolDancing the New Mexico - Robert Oppenheimer's Strange DreamNike-Hercules Missile Monument St. Augustine Pass, Highway 70Pool, Acoma Pueblo, New MexicoTruchas RoadRain in Taos Valley,Farmer and Wife Drilling a Water Well - Pie Town, NM, 1939Raton Pass, New MexicoCochiti Lake, New MexicoPlease Add Water - OndrikWater - Elephant Butte Reservoir,Seated Navajo Woman

Art and Architecture

Yee Tah-leeGalisteo, N.M.Navajo Chief's BlanketGermantown Double Saddle BlanketOur Lady of Mount CarmelSquaws Weaving a BlanketThe CrucifixionPueblo Pottery - BalinkJar with AvanyuThe StoicThe War BonnetUnder the Old PortalAncestral SpiritsViva La Fiesta (Zozobra)40th Wedding AnniversaryThe Springtime RainbowChurch - Ranchos de TaosUntitled (New Mexico Landscape) - WellsTaos HousesDesert Abstraction (Bear Lake)Earth Rhythms no. 2Back of Ranchos ChurchApache FiestaThe Garden of EdenExpulsion from the Garden of EdenPenitente Cross and Chapel, San PedroThe Black ShawlNavajo Woman with Children at a HoganApache Devil Dancer - HouserApache Devil Dancer - CandelarioHobbs, New MexicoLopez Family, Trampas, NMBerkeley #15Ramagir 1983Untitled #6 - MartinUntitled 1979 - GrahamSnake DancerUntitled 1973 - ScottWashington Landscape with Peace Medal IndianMatching Smallpox Suit...Apache SkullBotanical Layout: PeonyLas Meninas (Self Portrait)Large Blue IrisMelissa Armijo, Eloy Montoya and Richard First Atomic Explosion at a Distance of About Five MilesHopi Nuclear MaidenPortal to Archimedes ChamberWorld CupBorder CrossingTrinity Site, Jornado del MuertoKin Nah Zin #223IndiosStar Axis Looking NorthDouble TakeFlame Gas CanNew Mexico - Robert Oppenheimer's Strange DreamKatsina Suite 3Pueblo BonitoPast History - BaumannRuins - Chetro Ketl, Chaco Canyon 1982F117A Stealth FighterChristmas Eve, Taos PuebloTaos Pueblo MoonlightSantuario at ChimayoRanchos de Taos - WaldrumChurch at AcomaRanchos MissionCutting VigasPlasteringLaying VigasSanta Fe HillsView from the La Fonda PoolsideSocorro Court HouseSpanish VillageAnglo VillageCordova, Rio Arriba County, NMNew Art Museum - ChapmanInterior of the Indian Building at the Alvarado HotelSan Felipe MissionLa Fonda (postcard)Amelia Beard Hollenback HouseUntitled (Couple in Front of Cristo Rey Church)Thunderbird MirrorYale Pump Station and ReservoirCurry County CourthouseMcKinley County CourthouseTrading Post #2Simms BuildingKiMo TheaterGallup, New Mexico - VestalContemporary NM ArchitectsAntoine PredockBart PrinceMichael Reynolds

Geography and Environment

Santa Fe Trail - HurdThe Hungry HuntersCordova, Rio Arriba County, NMFull Moon, Jornada del Muerto...Shamrock RanchCattle - BurlinUntitled - WoodmanRanching and Conflicts (map)Farmland - Triangle Harvest, Plains of San AugustinNew Mexican PeakPedernal with Red Hills (Red Hills with the Pedernal)Thar’s Gold in Them Thar HillsHighway at DuskWinter Mountain Cycle No.4Untitled (New Mexico Landscape) - WellsGrace High Country Road to Los AlamosCharis, Bandelier, New MexicoRuins - Chetro Ketl, Chaco CanyonFrijoles CanyonNew Mexico (Off Highway 66-Near Gallup) - WestonCanyon de Chelly - ParsonsSunset, Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, New MexicoWater TankStorm at La BajadaWindmill - WestonUntitled - HuntleyRanchos, San Sebastian, Santa Fe, NMRanch HousePower Lines, East Mesa, Las CrucesSanta Fe River - DaveyChama River, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (Blue River)Walking the DitchPlease Add WaterDry River Bed SeriesDesert Landscape - LeichUntitled - BlumenscheinTall PonderosaIce, New Mexico - WestonThe Mountain Mother, Black Bear and CubsSpotted PlaymatesAmong the AspensAspens, Northern New MexicoRadium Springs, NMContaminated Radioactive SedimentEffects of Nuclear WeaponsGold Miner at End of a Day's Work - Mogollon, NMHobbs, NM - LeeThe Miner - AdamsMining and Stagecoaching, 1846-1912 (Map)Mineral Mining (map)Farmer and Wife Drilling a Water WellSand Storm - CassidySand Storm - StrohCow Pie/Yellow CakeOil Farm Non-Oil FarmThe Forest That WasWood HaulersCutting VigasThe Treating PlantFall on the Santa Fe TrailTrading Post #2Untitled (Couple walking in a desert landscape)Music in the PlazaPlaza ShindigEvening PromenadeThree Ladies on the PlazaOn the Front Steps (Pie Town, NM) Man with the Hoe, Moki PueblosZuni Planting SceneSettlements and Missions, 1606-1680 (map)Untitled - SarkisianSpanish Expansion, 1710-1821 (map)Siege of Santa Fe


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