New Mexico Art Tells its History

New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History

Cui Bono?Enchanted Mesa - SauerweinNavajo Woman With ChildrenSanta Fe Trail - HurdView of Santa Fe Plaza in the 1850'sOur Washerwoman's Family - New MexicoBefore The RoundupApache Skull - HaozousChama River, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (Blue River)Yee Tah-lee

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New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History is a journey through the New Mexico Museum of Art’s rich collection of paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs bringing our state’s artistic heritage to you, the owners of these works—students, teachers, families, and art and history lovers. We have selected images highlighting New Mexico’s history and cultural traditions from pre-Conquest to our present day. The four Themes shown below offer you a view into the life and times of New Mexico and New Mexicans as our state grew and developed.


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