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Socorro Court House

Socorro Court House, 1885
Leon Trousset (French, died Mexico, 1838 - 1917)
oil on canvas, 29 5/8 x 43 3/4 in. (75.2 x 111.1 cm) (image)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Gaw Meem, 1975

Leon Trousset remains a mystery, with the details of his life mostly unknown. He was born in France around 1838 (exact date unknown) and died in Juarez, Mexico in 1917. Trousset's work can be conveniently divided into three periods that generally correspond to the time he spent traveling across Texas (Fall 1867), up and down California (1874-1876) and along the Camino Real (1882-1886 or 1887). What we do know has been learned from studying his paintings and poems, though there is not many of either. 


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