New Mexico Art Tells its History


New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History was produced by the New Mexico Museum of Art in conjunction with the New Mexico Museum Foundation and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

The New Mexico Museum of Art thanks the following people for their support in creating this website:

  • Senator Gay Kernan, Hobbs, New Mexico
  • Stephen and Lety Schwartz
  • Mary Jebsen, Assistant Director, New Mexico Museum of Art,
  • Lorraine Schechter, Website Content Development and Design
  • Dianne Beal, Site Researcher
  • Devon Skeele, New Mexico Museum of Art
  • Doug Patinka,  Website Manager, NM Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Art and Christine Gómez, Education Consultants
  • Teachers Advisory Committee, Hobbs, NM: Dianne Beal, Jan Brian, Heather Cummings, Christy Hepp, Tyson Ledgerwood, Becky McMurray, Nancy Powell, Kara Wink
  • IDEAL-NM - Virginia Padilla, Marie Julienne


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