New Mexico Art Tells its History

Settlement Issues

Where did the settlers come from (Migration»), and where did they settle (Settlements»)? How have immigrants reshaped the  New Mexico of today (Population Distribution»)?

Related Art

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Santa Fe Trail - HurdMaking CampRanching and Conflicts (map)Sunset, Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, New MexicoFall on the Santa Fe TrailTrading Post #2Untitled (Couple walking in a desert landscape)Music in the PlazaPlaza ShindigEvening PromenadeThree Ladies on the PlazaOn the Front Steps (Pie Town, NM) Man with the Hoe, Moki PueblosZuni Planting SceneSettlements and Missions, 1606-1680 (map)Untitled - SarkisianSpanish Expansion, 1710-1821 (map)Siege of Santa Fe

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